About Us

Media Defiance officially formed in June of 2020 in response to traditional media’s apparent ignorance of government’s roll in American lives.

While the nation was being attacked with unlawful orders and unconstitutional lockdowns, our founder’s personal published articles were being heavily censored. Government’s evident control over the media’s reporting of its activities highlights the need to advocate for the public.

Expanding our founder’s experience of researching, writing and publishing articles throughout the internet and in print, we took our attention to more local concerns advocating for public and personal rights.

Though we have grown into offering services for professional and private customers, our focus was primarily based on legal issues. People facing legal challenges with little or no representation could now find services to help them along the way.

Many times people are wrongly convicted, harassed, or otherwise violated by public officials who stick together and are overlooked by the media. For those with legitimate claims, we started offering a way to push back.

Through services such as Constitutional Audits, Writing and getting the story published in the right places, Writing/Editing legal process forms, transcribing videos, and investigative reports, defendants (and sometimes their lawyers) gained a new edge for their defense.

We work to get local government and corporate wrongdoing publicized through local media as well as news sites owned and operated by or otherwise affiliated with Media Defiance LLC.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is to empower people to live stronger, happier and healthier lives free from unethical restraints of their servants. The companies mission is to inspire everyone to appreciate the true value and meaning of liberty. We value honesty, integrity and fairness for everyone.